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  Let Join Us! Continuing Knowledge Seeking Ensure You Toward Success!!.

We strongly recommend the members attend all the trainings. You can learn valuable skills and knowledge throughout the trainings that conducted by our experience coach.

These trainings mainly focus on few areas that is essential for you to grow higher and achieve successful life. On the other hand, these trainings also benefit your clients by increasing your professionalism as well as your quality of servicing.

There are 2 main training platforms, namely Agency Training and Company Training, both are equally important.

We can't spell S CCESS without "U"!

    Agency Training

MutualStars Associates - 2010 Monthly Every 3rd Thursday 730pm, Bangsar Branch

    Company Training

All Branches - 2010 Training Schedule - September

Ipoh Branch - 2010 Training Schedule - September

    We Hold Together & Grow Higher!

Inquiry: 016-322 8041

Kindly contact me at MYChong - WE HOLD TOGETHER & GROW HIGHER!