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  Welcome To MY CHONG Agency

Warmest welcome to our agency website. I wish this platform can better enhance our agency members connection, bonding and communication as well as the information updating.

You can find out the latest news and activities of our agency as well as Public Mutual here and make sure you can have first hand information. Do check out the lastest training schedule here too...

I sincerely welcome any suggestion and feedback from you all. We can't spell S CCESS without "U"!

  We Hold Together & Grow Higher!

  Good Articles

  Investment Portfolio - From Nan Yang

  Unit Trust Market Growing - From China Press

  Life Balance Sheet

  Warren Buffett's Worst Mistakes

  Art Of Remain Calm

  Historical Events & Market Volatility

  Basic Unit Trust Investment

  Strategic Asset Allocation

  Documents for Submission

  Documents For Submission Short List - Year 2011

  EPF Investment Case Sample - Updated 2010 Feb

  Cash Investment Case Sample - Updated 2010 Feb

  Switching Case Sample - Updated 2010 Feb

  Repurchase Case Sample - Updated 2010 Feb

  Latest news

  EPF Approved Fund Listing

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  Great NEW fund launching 11st Oct 2011!! PITSEQ!

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  All funds return - updated 2010 March.

1 Yr Return; 3 Yrs Return; 5 Yrs Return

  Public Mutual emerges as the Biggest Winner for 7th consecutive year!

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  Important! NEW FIMM Form Year 2010! It's compulsory for all initial investment. Get your copy here!

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  Important! Year 2010 New submission forms/documents required! Please make sure fill up correctly!

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  Year 2010 Compulsory SD form to sign by agent! SD For Continuous Eligibility Requirements Of Unit Trust Consultants (UTC) Form and get a NEW copy here! Need to sign and return to office lastest by 15th April 2010.

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  Branches Extended Office Hours! Good news for part timer agent, extended office hours for all the branches.

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  Year 2010 Latest Fund Abbreviation. Please fill up the investment form correctly.

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